Core Curriculum 2012

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A Caltech education requires not just the depth of an option (major), but also considerable breadth in basic science, humanities, and social science. Caltech’s core curriculum prepares students for the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary research in science and technology and positions Caltech graduates for leadership roles in academia and industry. Significant study in the humanities and social sciences is an important component of Caltech’s core curriculum, giving our alumni the ability to navigate the societal, political, and economic factors that influence (and are influenced by) their work.

Caltech's core curriculum for students entering in fall 2012  includes:

Placement exams are offered during the summer before enrollment in mathematics, physics, and writing to assure appropriate placement within courses in these disciplines.

In addition to the required core classes, freshmen are encouraged to participate in freshman seminar classes. Caltech offers a series of freshman seminars in which 10 to 15 freshmen and afaculty member explore in depth an exciting topic in the lab, around a table, or in the field. There are several offerings on a wide range of topics, including biomechanics, the Large HadronCollider, and the physics of music.