Probing Protein Processes: A Conversation with Rebecca Voorhees

Rebecca Voorhees is a newly appointed assistant professor of biology and biological engineering.

A Gift of Autonomy

The promise of innovation on display at CAST so fired the couple’s imagination that they decided to endow the Booth-Kresa Leadership Chair for CAST.

Clues to Solar Cell Efficiency Found at Atomic Level

Marco Bernardi and David Hsieh rule out a commonly held belief about a promising solar cell material

Chalk One Up for Science

Caltech team draws space-themed work at Pasadena Chalk Festival.

How a Thieving Transcription Factor Dominates the Genome

Gene expression in developing cells is heavily influenced by group dynamics of DNA-binding proteins interacting with each other.

Weighing the Planet's Biological Matter

A new study makes the first global estimates of the mass of life on Earth.

Electrical Wire Properties of DNA Linked to Cancer

New research from the Barton lab finds a connection between a cancer mutation and electron-mediated DNA repair.

Laser-sonic Scanner Aims to Replace Mammograms for Finding Breast Cancer

Lihong Wang, Caltech's Bren Professor of Medical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, has developed a laser-sonic scanning system that can identify breast tumors quickly and safely.

There's Waldo!

Caltech researchers have discovered the neurons that activate when a person finds an item they are looking for.

Victoria Orphan Receives NOMIS Distinguished Scientist and Scholar Award

Geobiologist Victoria Orphan is one of three recipients of the 2018 NOMIS Distinguished Scientist and Scholar Award.


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