Life After Caltech

What can you do with a Caltech education?

The short answer: Just about anything you want! Caltech graduates have been successful in every imaginable field, from academia and industry to law, medicine, public service, and even performance art. 

The longer answer: 35 percent of the class of 2017 self-reported that they'll be attending graduate school immediately after receiving their BS degree. Techers who decide to pursue further education tend to have their pick of grad schools and are able to compete very successfully for a variety of fellowships.

Techers who decide to seek employment tend to fare well, too. 60 percent of the class of 2017 is going directly into the workforce. Graduates who go directly into the job market are usually courted by a wide variety of organizations, many of whom recruit on campus. The average starting salary for our 2017 graduates was $105,500. Our Career Development Center provides career tools and holds career fairs twice a year, bringing in over 150 recruiters from various fields. Between strong advising and myriad opportunities, our graduates find their place after graduation.