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FAQ for 3/2 Applicants

Below is a list of some common questions that 3/2 applicants have.

Who do I approach if I am interested in the 3/2 program?

Each of Caltech's 3/2 partner schools has a 3/2 liaison. Ask your college who its 3/2 liaison is and set up a time to discuss the program and application timeline.

When can I apply to the 3/2 program?

You can only apply to the 3/2 program during your third year of college.

Am I eligible for financial aid?

Only U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible for financial aid. International 3/2 students are not eligible for aid.

Do I have to live on campus if I'm admitted to the 3/2 program?

You do not need to live on campus as a 3/2 student. However, you are welcome to join the waiting list for Caltech housing. The Housing Office will contact incoming 3/2 transfer students during the summer with further details on how to join the waiting list.

Must I attend a 3/2 partner school in order to apply to the 3/2 program? 

Yes. Applicants to the 3/2 program must attend a 3/2 partner school.

Is admission to the 3/2 program guaranteed?

No. We consider each applicant individually, and our upperclass admissions committee decides based on all of the materials provided. We are looking for students who are a good "fit" for Caltech and who can show that Caltech is the best place for them to continue their studies. The program was started with the notion of bringing in students with a strong liberal arts and science background. 

Which options can I study as a 3/2 student? 

3/2 students can transfer into any of the Caltech options. However, dual degrees cannot be in the same major unless the programs are substantially different.

Which options are ABET accredited?

The three ABET-accredited programs are electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemical engineering (also approved by the American Chemical Society).


If you can't find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us at or give us a call at (626) 395-6341.