FAQ for Transfer Applicants

Below is a list of some common questions that transfer applicants have.

Who is a transfer student?

  • A student who has completed his or her secondary school education and has enrolled at a college or university and earned credit for courses taken there  
  • A student who meets the above criteria but has not completed a bachelor's degree or equivalent (Caltech does not grant second bachelor's degrees)
  • A student who is not currently a senior in another college/university program

For which courses taken at my previous institution will I receive credit?

The courses for which you will receive credit as an enrolling transfer student will be determined at the time of your enrollment. Caltech faculty will review your achievements on an individual basis and will take into consideration how you performed on your placement examinations. It is not possible, therefore, to determine in advance which, if any, courses taken at your previous institution will earn you credit, and which, if any, will not.

Do transfer students get housing?

While Caltech housing is not guaranteed for transfer students, placement on campus may be available. For more information, please visit the Housing Department website.

Is financial aid available for transfer students?

Financial aid is available to domestic transfer students. International transfer students are not eligible for financial aid at Caltech.


If you can't find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us at ugadmissions@caltech.edu or give us a call at (626) 395-6341.