Teacher Evaluations

Caltech requires two letters of evaluation from teachers:

  • 1 math or science teacher evaluation
  • 1 humanities or social sciences teacher evaluation

You may submit letters of evaluation from teachers who have instructed you during any year of high school. We recommend asking teachers who can best speak to your performance as a student in their classroom.

In order to fulfill the humanities or social science teacher evaluation requirement, we ask that you submit evaluations from teachers who have evaluated your writing. In the past, students have used recommendations from the following classes to fulfill this requirement: English, Foreign Language, Philosophy, Religion, History, Economics, Government, Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology.

In addition to the two required teacher evaluations, you are welcome to submit up to two additional evaluations from a mentor or supervisor who knows you in a different context. You may submit this letter through the Common Application or Coalition Application, or it may be emailed directly to our office at ugadmissions@caltech.edu. If your recommender emails the letter to our office, please be sure the letter includes your full name and birthdate since Caltech does not have an official form to accompany this additional letter. We will not accept any letters sent by the student/applicant.