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Clubs & Organizations

Do your interests extend beyond STEM? Caltech students exhibit an incredibly diverse array of backgrounds, talents, and passions. While all of our students are scientists, engineers, and mathematicians, many are also student leaders, musicians, artists, dancers, chess champions, and athletes. Name an interest, and there's probably a group of Techers who share it. If not, you're welcome to try to round up a group of your own!

There are more than 100 student clubs on campus, covering everything from religious and faith-based organizations to groups that bond over community service, the environment, extracurricular interests, and food.

Caltech Y

Techers can also get involved in community service projects through the Caltech Y (an independent organization formerly, but not currently, affiliated with the YMCA/YWCA). The Y also organizes outdoor adventures, social activities, and educational programs for the student community.