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About Caltech

Through access to a vast array of resources, a community of intellectual equals, and an environment that promotes collaboration and cooperation over competition, Caltech challenges, encourages, and nurtures our students to become some of society's most innovative thinkers, leaders, and doers. At Caltech, almost 1,000 undergraduates, over 1,200 graduate students, more than 320 professorial faculty, and over 600 research scholars investigate and design solutions to address the most challenging problems confronting society today. Students enjoy virtually unlimited research opportunities and close interaction with professors. Many go on to become key figures in academia, government, and industry.

Caltech's bold, trailblazing science has led to such important discoveries as antimatter, the nature of the chemical bond, quarks, the foundations of molecular biology, and the RDA. Our tradition of pushing forward the frontiers of science and engineering continues today as our researchers work on improving tools for generating, storing, and distributing clean power; building new technologies and devices to aid in diagnosing and treating diseases; advancing knowledge of Earth and the environment; creating novel materials and devices that are designed to meet a specific function; engineering the next revolution in technology and computing; exploring the universe—and our neighboring planets—in ways never possible before; and unraveling the complexities of human thought and behavior.

Caltech is located in Pasadena, California—a vibrant and culturally rich city of 140,000 at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains that boasts sunshine year-round. Caltech's 124-acre campus is 10 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles and 27 miles from the ocean. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory comprises part of Caltech's facilities, offering our students opportunities for research and exploration of Earth and the solar system.