The Microscopic Origin of Efficiency Droop in LEDs

Caltech team found why high-energy electrons can leak out of an LED before emitting light, leading to efficiency loss.

Female Tech Entrepreneurs Hampered by Bias Among Male Investors, Study Finds

Michael Ewens of Caltech and Richard Townsend of UC San Diego examined data for nearly 18,000 start-ups and found that companies started by women have a harder time finding funding because male investors prefer companies started by men.

Zwicky Transient Facility Opens Its Eyes to the Volatile Cosmos

The latest workhorse camera at Palomar Observatory will scan the majority of the night sky every night, looking for cosmic events as they happen.

Engineers Create Stable Plasma Ring in Open Air

Engineers used the flow of water over a crystal plate to generate a stable ring of plasma without a vacuum chamber or electromagnetic fields to contain it.

Caltech Mourns Professor Emeritus Jerry Pine

Longtime Caltech professor of physics Jerome "Jerry" Pine passed away on November 8, 2017.

Graduate Students Win Silver Award in Inventors Competition

Pair was selected for work in antibiotic-resistance testing.

Gradinaru Selected as a Moore Inventor Fellow

The fellowship, from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, awards $825,000 toward accelerating invention.

The Neutron Dance

Caltech geochemist John Eiler aims to reveal “the genetics of everything.”

The Grand Tour: Watson Lecture Preview

In the November 15 Watson Lecture, Professor of Planetary Science Heather Knutson will discuss exploring planets outside of our solar system.

NuSTAR Probes Black Hole Jet Mystery

Astronomers using NASA's NuSTAR mission have gained new clues in black hole mystery.


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