Animation Based on Satellite Data Shows SoCal "Breathing" Water

Satellite radar data shows how the ground beneath SoCal rises and falls over annual and decadal time scales with the pumping in and out of groundwater.

JPL News: New Satellite Map Shows Ground Deformation After Indonesian Quake

Satellite data reveals ground deformation following a 6.9-magnitude earthquake in Indonesia.

Spacecraft to Speed Through Sun's Atmosphere and Snag Solar Wind

Caltech and partners built an instrument that will capture high-speed solar particles hurtling toward Earth.

Engineers Taught a Drone to Herd Birds Away From Airports

A new algorithm allows drones to autonomously herd flocks of birds safely away from airport airspace.

Program Brings Area High School Students, Teachers into Caltech Labs

Summer Research Connection promotes curiosity, scientific literacy, and research skills.

Can We Invent Our Way Out of Global Problems?

Venture capitalist and Caltech trustee Brad Jones puts his money on ingenuity with a gift to the Institute.

Democracies More Prone to Start Wars – Except When They're Not

A new study reveals surprising findings about how democracy affects international peace.

Dragonfly Larvae Inspire New Designs for Prosthetic Heart Valves

A close look at the way dragonfly larvae propel themselves could one day yield better prosthetic heart valves.

A Conversation with Matt Thomson

New assistant professor of computational biology Matt Thomson discusses how cells make decisions and work together.

'City of Astronomy' to Host Gathering of International Space Experts

Pasadena will be hopping with space events the week of July 14-22.


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