Carbon Conversion

New CO2 experiments may lead to artificial, renewable fuels.

Caltech, Cornell Create Creature-Cataloging Contest for Computers

Algorithms developed for a machine-learning contest created by Caltech and Cornell Tech have been able to correctly identify 5,000 species from photos as much as 95 percent of the time.

JPL News: NASA's Voyager Spacecraft Still Reaching for the Stars

The Voyager spacecraft will celebrate 40 years in space this August and September.

Caltech's Dennis Coyne to Receive American Astronomical Society Award

LIGO's chief engineer honored for his role in developing gravitational-wave detectors.

Conte Center Poised for Next Chapter in Decision-Making Research

With its federal funding renewed for another five years, Caltech's Conte Center aims to tackle even more complex questions about how humans make decisions.

Fighting Viruses with Viruses

Genetically engineered viruses help the immune system target specific pathogens in unexpected ways.

Designing Computer Software of the Future

“Researchers develop new algorithm for quantum computers.”

Neural Networks Model Audience Reactions to Movies

With just a few minutes of observation, new deep-learning software is capable of predicting an audience member's reaction to a movie.

The Neural Codes for Body Movements

A small patch of neurons fires in complex ways to encode movement of much of the body

Holographic Imaging Could Be Used to Detect Signs of Life in Space

Caltech engineer Jay Nadeau says a method called digital holographic microscopy could be used to detect living microbes in space.


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