Urging Caution During a Genomic Revolution: A Conversation with David Baltimore

We recently spoke with Baltimore about new genome engineering technologies and the issues they raise.

Spotlight on Graduate Research

The annual Everhart Lecture Series provides three students a stage on which to talk about their research into energy efficiency, imaging, and polymers.

Yeast Protein Network Could Provide Insights into Human Obesity

A new study by Caltech researchers suggests that yeast could serve as a fast and inexpensive model organism for studying human obesity.

Amgen and Caltech Establish Partnership in Health Sciences

The new, collaborative research agreement will help support research, graduate student training, and provide shared resources.

Three Caltech Fulbrights

Caltech seniors Jonathan Liu, Charles Tschirhart, and Caroline Werlang will be engaging in research abroad as Fulbright Scholars this fall.

Using Radar Satellites to Study Icelandic Volcanoes and Glaciers

Taking advantage of airborne radar tools, Caltech researchers provide two possible explanations for a series of unusual earthquakes seen in Iceland during a period of volcanic activity that started in August last year.

Gravitational Waves—Sooner Than Later?

Built to look for gravitational waves, the ripples in the fabric of space itself that were predicted by Einstein in 1916, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) is the most ambitious project ever funded by the National Science Foundation. We talk to two Caltech researchers to learn about how LIGO came to be.

Ditch Day? It’s Today, Frosh!

On May 22, students celebrated Ditch Day, one of Caltech's oldest traditions.

Controlling a Robotic Arm with a Patient's Intentions

A part of the brain that controls intuitive movement planning could be key to improving motor control in paralyzed patients with prosthetics.

Caltech Astronomers Observe a Supernova Colliding with Its Companion Star

The discovery, made using a robotic observing system, offers new insight into how white dwarfs become Type Ia supernovae.


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