Faraon Receives CAREER Grant from National Science Foundation

Andrei Faraon (BS '04) has received a Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) grant from the National Science Foundation. The grant is the NSF's most prestigious award for junior faculty members.

Two Caltech Seniors Win Hertz Fellowships

Caltech seniors Adam Jermyn and Charles Tschirhart have been named 2015 Hertz Fellowship winners. Selected from a pool of approximately 800 applicants, the awardees will receive up to five years of support for their graduate studies.

New Camera Chip Provides Superfine 3-D Resolution

New imaging technology fits on a tiny chip and, from a distance, can form a high-resolution three-dimensional image of an object on the scale of micrometers.

Caltech Space Challenge: Mission to an Asteroid in Lunar Orbit

Thirty two students from around the world converged on campus to test their space mission design skills. Their task? To design the best manned mission to an asteroid placed in orbit around the moon . . . in just five days.

New NSF-Funded Physics Frontiers Center Expands Hunt for Gravitational Waves

A $14.5 million, five-year grant from the National Science Foundation will help with the creation and operation of a multi-institution Physics Frontiers Center.

A Molecular Arms Race: The Immune System Versus HIV

Finding an anti-AIDS vaccine remains an elusive goal—partly because the HIV virus quickly mutates to evade the vaccine's antibodies. In a Watson Lecture on April 1, Caltech's Pamela J. Bjorkman will describe ways to neutralize that mutational advantage.

Caltech Economist Richard Roll Wins Onassis Prize in Finance

Richard Roll, the Linde Institute Professor of Finance at Caltech, has been named one of two recipients of this year's Onassis Prize in Finance.

New Research Suggests Solar System May Have Once Harbored Super-Earths

Where are they now? Their demise might have cleared the way for the formation of planets like home sweet Earth.

Caltech Scientists Develop Cool Process to Make Better Graphene

Material's unique properties in strength and electrical mobility far outpace silicon, with the potential to revolutionize an array of different engineering and scientific fields.

A Spotlight on Inventing

Caltech professors share their thoughts and experiences on creating new technologies and methods that have changed our world.


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