In Grueling Combat, The Riveters Emerge Victorious

At this year's Engineering Design Competition, six teams squared off with robot tanks. Get the play by play.

A Conversation with Caltech Entomologist Joe Parker

Joe Parker's childhood fascination with insects led him to a position as an assistant professor of biology at Caltech.

JPL News: Jupiter's Jet-Streams Are Unearthly

Newly published findings from the Juno mission improve understanding of Jupiter's interior structure.

New Humanities Class Explores Blurry Line Between Humans and Animals

Professor of Comparative Literature Jocelyn Holland is teaching a new class at Caltech this term, The Human Animal, which uses literature from the 16th through 18th centuries to discuss questions about animal intelligence, whether animals have souls, and what makes a human.

Gift Enables Transformative Advances in Health Care

The Heritage Medical Research Institute (HMRI) has extended its partnership with Caltech for a minimum of three more years.

You Don't Think Your Way Out of a Tiger Attack

Assistant Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience Dean Mobbs and other researchers have discovered the presence of two "fear" circuits in the brain. One circuit deals with immediate threats without using conscious thought. The other circuit deals with more distant threats in a cognitive, strategic fashion.

Two Caltech Faculty Selected for NSF CAREER Awards

Victoria Kostina and Marco Bernardi have been selected to receive NSF CAREER Awards, which are given to outstanding junior faculty members.

Massive Astrophysical Objects Governed by Subatomic Equation

Surprisingly, a quintessential equation of quantum mechanics emerges while studying astronomical disks of orbiting material.

Q&A: Evan Kirby on the Importance of Science Outreach

Evan Kirby discusses his work with high school students and his recent Cottrell Scholarship.

Searching for Earth-Like Planets

The search for extrasolar planets has uncovered a dizzying array of planetary systems.


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