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Person Spotlight Listing

Jared Leadbetter smiling and a chalkboard with writing is behind him
  • Jared Leadbetter, Professor of Environmental Microbiology

Jared Leadbetter

Students admitted to Caltech accomplish so much while they are here, and then go on to make extraordinary contributions to STEM and society in the decades after their graduation. It is my tremendous honor to play a small role in shaping each class, knowing full well that for each student we admit, their best and most exciting moments are yet to come.

Ayooluwa smiling and standing in front of a fence and lush greenery.
  • BS '22

Ayooluwa Odemuyiwa

I am what a scientist looks like"

Profile photo of Isabel standing in front of a field of flowers on a cloud-free day
  • Chemistry major

Isabel de la Torre Roehl

The saying is that Caltech is very competitive to get in, but once you're in, it's very collaborative.

Profile photo of Mahider
  • #SoCaltech

Mahider Gessesse, '23

Through Caltech's "Break Through: Together We Change the World" campaign, Mahider was able to research an issue she's passionate about. "I wanted to bring a hard science approach to treating problems that up until recently have just been left to psychiatry and psychology. That's the main reason I picked computational and neural systems."

Photo of Toussaint at Jeopardy podium
  • #SoCaltech

Toussaint Pegues, BS '22

Toussaint took what he learned at Caltech to the big screen this past February as a quarterfinalist on Jeopardy's National College Championship. "I went in with the knowledge I already had an did my best. I knew the answers to more questions than I got to answer, but the categories weren't quite my strong suit, certainly no engineering questions. But still, the whole thing was pretty cool."

Mason Smith
  • Young Alumni Trustee and Head of software engineering at TGS Management Company

Mason Smith (BS '09)

A small school isn’t for everyone. It’s for people who want opportunities to get involved and make a difference—and I want to help make sure that all students feel like this is the place where they can do that.