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Why Caltech

Research-driven. Change-motivated. Well-rounded. Late-night visionary. We're your people.
Five students stand in a line after the ME72 Competition. Student in the center is holding the trophy above their head.
Small size

Caltech isn't a place to be anonymous. With just under 1,000 undergrads, we're too small, and too close, for that. You're going to be part of a community—one where everybody works hard, but that also takes a breather every now and then. In fact, the students who do best here already have some kind of outlet, such as theater, athletics or the arts.

Nine different residential communities, over 100 different student clubs, 16 NCAA Division III teams. You'll have a chance to meet more people and try more things than you think you have time for.

It's so important to look into a crowd and see other people like you. Almost half our students are women, and a third come from historically underrepresented groups. Honestly, though? We want to do better. Read on to learn how we support access, equity, and inclusion.

We have proof that we're not making this all up and you can find it on our student blog, which is written by actual Techers. Find out about everything from free time (which exists) to our rich trove of humanities courses (which also exists).

Making it through gave me the confidence and optimism to believe that so much more is possible, and I don't have to be limited by what others say if I see a different way forward.

Jennifer Low MD, PhD (BS '90)
Head of Therapeutics Development, 23andMe